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The Pledge

We offer two size pledges.

1. Large pledge share box (large box)

2. Small pledge share box (small box) 

A "pledge" is a payment made by a member of the local community for a "share" of the harvest of the CSA. For our part, the farms invest that money into the producing the crop for those members. Your pledge covers our expenses for labor, seed fertilizer and needed supplies for the growing season. Simply put, as a CSA member you are 'hiring" our farms to grow a share of our harvest for you.

Our Pledge Shares

The small share (small box) was made to accommodate two adults for the week. It seems to work well for most two adult household members but sometimes it may be too much depending on how much produce you use. If this were the case we can make your box every other week instead. Sometimes the produce isn't enough, in that case we can switch you to a large share. 

The large share (large box) isn't double the amount of the small share but about 25% more. This is for more for a larger family, say two adults and some children. The portions are based on what an average family would consume. We have had members switch to every other week with the large share sometimes, when it was too much as well. 

We can do some adjusting (box size and frequency) initially to make sure we get you the amount that is right for you. The produce in the boxes will vary by season, but generally the same items will be in both size boxes, just different quantities.