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Meños Farms - Riverside, CA



Manuel and Lupe started their farm in 2009 after they decided it was time for a change. Manuel had been doing construction for many years and finding consistant work was getting harder and harder. Manuel's brother is a farmer and he had worked on his brother's farm between construction jobs, and at several Farmer's Markets as well over the years. Farming seemed to be a good fit for both of them, so it was decided that starting their own farm was the direction they wanted to go. They eventually were able to find several acres available near their home and decided to give it a try.

Manuel's brother grows conventional crops, but Manuel and Lupe decided they wanted to grow organically instead. They believed that growing organically is the best way to have a healthier plant, soil and more nutritious produce. The Inland Empire CSA members agree. Nearly every member commented that “Meños Farms strawberries are the best that they have ever had!” We hear the same comments often, about all of their other produce as well.

Meños Farms obtained their Organic Certification in 2009 and have never looked back. “Organic Farming is a lot more work and definitely much harder” says Manuel, “but it is definitely worth it.”

In the spring of 2013 they found another 3.5 acres of land and after several months of hard work prepping the soil and putting in irrigation, they began planting additional crops in June.