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GMO's - Genetically Modified Organisms


We believe that Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's) are one of the biggest threats to our food supply today. Like it or not, if you consume prepackaged foods or conventionally grown corn, wheat or soy, you are eating GMO's.

Most people in search of foods that do not contain GMOs, may not  be aware that by buying foods labeled "USDA Certified Organic" they will not contain any GMO ingredients, as they are prohibited. Any produce or plants started from seed and grown under USDA Organic Standards will also not contain any GMO substances. Yet another great reason to buy "Certified Organic".

Additional information about GMO's on this website:


The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Jeffrey Smith is a world renowned expert on GMO's. This video gives good information on Genetically Modified Foods and the danger to your health.


More Information on GMO's